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Peers, we are here for you! We will listen, support and advocate for and with you. Associates we have lived experience, ask us.

Easterseals ADS Advisory Committee
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Our Voices Matter 

Listen to our voices.

Image of Alfred Babayan
Image of Betty Partida
Image of Preeti Subramanian

Alfred Babayan

"I wanted to be in the Advisory Committee because Lendy's speech motivated me but not only that but I enjoy it. I also like to help people, plus I love to share ideas and want to keep doing it plus I really enjoy it."

Image of Valerie Ortiz

Beatriz Partida (Prefers Betty)

"My name is Beatriz Partida. I like to be called Betty for short. I like to speak up for myself, and also encourage others to speak up for themselves. I like working with my peers and listening to what they have to say, so we could all share our ideas on how to make our workspace a better place."

Luz Valerie Ortiz

(Prefers Valerie)
"I am an advocate because I want to empower people in  the disabilities  community. I want them to know that they have rights and a voice. I want everyone to know that I understand and they are not alone and I will be the one to help speak up for them in time of need or help. What motivates me is the people around me. Knowing that when I wake up every morning I'm supported not only by my family but also by my friends and peers. Knowing that everyone knows I can do what I want to do with no limitations. I feel like I'm making a difference in peoples lives and giving people a voice so that they can thrive and believe in themselves."

Preeti Subramaniam 

"I am an advocate for the West Covina Easter Seals of Southern California . I wanted to be  an advocate because I want to try to change the community’s outlook about special needs individuals." 

Andy _edited.jpg

"Hi, my name is Andy.

I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan. I’ve been at Easterseals for almost 15 years. At the moment, I’m working on becoming a 1 to 1 at my day program. Some of the community outings I enjoy are at the park where I get to participate in a boxing lesson, and the supermarket to practice money management. My biggest goal in life is to get a better position as a mentor for community outreach. When it comes to leisure time I enjoy video games, music, and being home with family."

Andy Vargas
Rosa Felix

"Hi everyone, I am Rosa Felix.

I would like to tell you guys a little about me I like to play video games I like to solve puzzles. I'm into origami. And I want to learn Japanese and I also like anime"

An image of Lendy Ruano

Ruth Olivares 


​Phone: (657) 242-2531   ​

Lendy Ruano 


​Phone: (818) 306-6752

Image of Amber Carey-Navarrete

Amber Carey-Navarrete


​Phone: (657) 242-3435   ​

Image of Ruth Olivares
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Lora Glassman


Phone: (714) 876-1745

Meet our Team 

People know what is essential and meaningful in their own lives.

Person-Centered Culture and Practices and Self-Determination empower people to actively direct their own days, goals, planning and services. 

Person Centered Services champion personal preferences, interests and needs. With this approach, people are supported and encouraged to lead their planning process and make choices about what and with whom they would like to learn, do and be part of.

11110 Artesia Blvd, Suite C, Cerritos, CA 90703

Phone: (562)860-7270 | Fax: (310) 542-0048


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Person-Centered Culture and Practices© (PCCP) is a turn-key training and implementation manual that provides step-by-step ‘how to’ for adult day services (ADS) to embark upon person-centered culture change.

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