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Show & Tell

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Participate in our show and tell event and share something new!


Hosted by:


About the Event

Come with something to share with your peers, whether it be a pet of yours or pictures of your last vacation. We love to hear your stories.

How it works

  1. Prepare something to share ahead of time (example: a souvenier from your most recent vacation, pictures of your cat, or a piece of artwork you created)

  2. Come with your item(s).

  3. Share with the group what it is and why you chose it.

  4. Learn about other people's items.


Your Host


Hi, my name is Gladys and I live in sunny San Diego. I enjoy learning new things and sharing my knowledge with everyone. Education has always been important to me. Being a part of the Virtual Community has been a great experience because I’ve learned so much and I have, also, met amazing people. During my free time, I enjoy watching documentaries about nature. I’m a big fan of Star Wars shows and love going to the movies. I, also, love going hiking and traveling to new places. The events that I enjoy the most hosting in the Virtual Community are Animal Exploration, Karaoke, and Learning Spanish because I always have fun!

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